Roth Tennessee Walking Horses  




- Intelligent                                                    - Enthusiastic
- Kind                                                             - Naturally gaited
- Easy to train                                               - Incredible color

Just a few of the many desired attributes of this handsome, hardworking stallion.  Eb's Northern Dancer is a beautiful head turning, gold champagne stallion, with flaxen mane and tail, and yes, a very pretty head on a horse that can really walk.  Whether your watching, riding, or following him down the trail, you quickly realize what all the excitement's about!  He's sired by Eb's Wind Dancer (well known as homozygous for the champagne gene) while his dam is a grandaughter of Prides Generator on her top side and Mark of Carbon on her bottom side. You'll find more greats on his papers such as Ebony Masterpiece, Maugray, Pride of Midnight HF, Beams Sensation and more.

We've welcomed Dancers first 22 offspring to our spread over the last 4 breeding seasons. 12 of these are champagnes of one shade or another, 8 fillies + 14 colts. He's a mister sure shot and a gentleman with the mares. His foals are the walkiest we've ever had and we're excited by the quality, conformation and the variety of color. We are just starting some of his 3 & 4 year olds under saddle and they are proving to be smart and willing partners just like he is.